Monday, January 2, 2017

Full Circle


And a new post? Yeah, I'm surprised, too.

Nearly five years ago I started this thing, and it's been in a decline ever since. Someone told me to rename it Perpetual Motionless, but that would come across as trying to be funny, and I'm not like that. In addition, it's just not a good joke. And in the end, to stay true to the horrid trademark, I'd have to continue to not write.

As it may be, I really would like to start writing again.

I got into this whole thing at the end of 2016. Really, it was right after I finished the Breck Epic in 2012. That inaugural post remains my most viewed. It's closely followed by the novella I wrote about feeling alive aside the Potomac. With a dose of realism, my pessimistic side reminds me these posts only compete against my other "material".

Speaking of- I've signed up for the Breck Epic again this year. Ryanne, too. Also, many good friends have registered as well. I don't anticipate we'll have the same numbers that we had in the fart cave, but I conclude we'll end up with a good flock of heavy-breathing east coasters.

I so very much want to do the Three Rivers trail in Oregon. But 2017 is just not the year to do it. Ryanne and I had biked Nova Scotia a couple of years back, then went to the United Kingdom in 2015. With the arrival of AJ this past year, the grand adventures came to a quick and prompt end. We really didn't take any trip this past year, aside from those few days in hospital. And with the babe still being relatively young later this year, we felt going to Breckenridge would work hand-in-hand with permitting us to ride bicycles again, yet still allow us to be with her.

So, while she's being pushed around the posh streets of Breck at 9,000 feet, I'll be pushing my bike up Wheeler Pass at 12,000.

I can't wait.

I'm looking forward to 2017. But some great things happened in 2016. Most important was the babe-


We hiked Seneca Rocks-

seneca rocks

Lit Up Night-

lit up night 2016

Ryanne didn't kill me-

amelia earhart tattoo

Hit Single Speed USA (this one in PA!). Photo by Colleen-

ssusa 2016

Rode (and wrecked) a tandem-

tandem mtb

Finished it all off with a house full of friends and inhibitions. No bad photos of good times posted here.

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